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Established in 1971, the Ceylon Hotel School Graduates Association has gained the trust of the hospitality industry as not only eminent hospitality professionals, but also as a body that has contributed back to society with its CSR initiatives through the years. With a membership of over 1500 individuals, who hold influential positions both locally and internationally, the CHSGA has worked effectively to build a closer community that continues to promote unity, dedication and networking in the hospitality sector.

Bringing Joy To Underpriviledged Children
Jan 26, 2021

As an active and engaged arm of the Ceylon Hotel School Graduates Association, the Community Relations committee continues to focus on supporting disadvantaged youngsters, despite these challenging times.

Spearheaded by Gitanjali Chakravarthy – Chairperson of the CSR committee, a tea party was organized for the children at the Gangodawila Balika Children’s Orphanage…

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