President’s Message

As the re-elected President of your Association, it is my profound privilege to release this message to CHSGA Official Website.

The Ceylon Hotel School Graduates Association, an institution duly incorporated in Sri Lanka under the parliament act No 21 of 1984 is a professional body which is recognized as the most aspiring venue in the country for personal and professional growth of the industry personnel. Its” Vision” is to be the most preferred hospitality professionals in Sri Lanka and globally with excellent leadership abilities to manage their organization to the highest professional standards.

The Association has a number of embedded campaigns which seek greater collaboration between the hospitality and tourism industries in the country. These programs are powerful tools in the promotion of high quality food and beverage as well as hotel’s allied services. CHSGA believes a multi-disciplinary approach is pivotal in ensuring the guest is at the heart of hospitality services. It provides training and support to members to deliver more inclusive guest-cantered and service-oriented services.
Some of the events organized for the benefit of the members / SLITHM Students and for the Industry included the National Bar Tenders Competition covering 08 regions across the country involving over 550 young Bar Tenders /professionals to develop the bartending sector. It also included Classical / Flaring Competitions.

The Hotel Show too was another milestone achieved by the CHSGA. Organizing the mega event for the 13’th consecutive year, inviting all the reputed Hotels Suppliers to stage on an one platform to showcase their products to all the stake holders of the Hospitality sector.

CHSGA’s program of events included the continuation of “PROPEL”, the softs skills development programme for the benefit of the SLITHM final year Students.

In addition, other activities included the CHSGA continuation of the Strategic Direction 2021” Shifting Leagues” programme. As per the Continual Development Program (CPD) for Graduates of CHSGA, upgrading of the hotel School Graduates qualification to the level of MBA, to be offered through a recognized institution in the country by 01’st quarter of next year 2019, is actioned as a priority “Medium Term “ plan. Apart from the above, we have also carried out the following events successfully during the last year.

  • CHSGA Family X’Mas party was held in December at Colombo Hilton.
  • CHSGA Family Avurudu Hamuwa with Fun Motor Rally was held at the “Pegasus Reef Hotel, Wattala in April.
  • Hotel Show which showcased and rewarded up and coming talented professionals in the industry.
  • “Gravitas“ Hoteliers Ball was held at Colombo Hilton, patronized by more than 350 Hoteliers.
  • Offering of the CHSGA Membership Privilege Cards for the benefits of the General membership at the AGM in Nuwara Eliya.

In recent years, CHSGA has been working very closely with several public sector organizations and industry trade bodies that share similar aims and face many related challenges; working together we can only share best practices across the public sector for the benefit of the entire hospitality industry.

The industry continues to face significant challenges, as it has done throughout its history, but CHSGA and its members will work hard to promote and share best practice to ensure it is best placed to respond to whatever obstacles it encounters along the way.

I look to all of you for your support to overcome these challenges, and to work together as an organization. Together with all the stakeholders of our island community, we can develop the hospitality environment to be a better place to do business and thrive in the present economic climate.

I wish to thank all our valued Members and their families for their participation at all CHSGA events and wish to thank our valued Sponsors and well-wishers and for their invaluable support and guidance extended to us in bringing us to position where we are today. We look forward to work with them more closely in the future.

I take this opportunity to thank all our Past Presidents, Executive Committee, industry professionals and the general membership of the CHSGA for reelecting me to this great honorary position to lead this organization in the coming year.

Look forward to working with you all and request your support and participation in all our events planned for year 2018 – 19.

Samantha Gunarathne