PROPEL by CHSGA is the newest project of CHSGA with an aim to develop industry needed soft skills of Intermediate Level Students and Final Year students of Three Year Diploma.

In today’s world of hospitality, where creating an exceptional experience is the defining factor of successful hotel business, it has become imperative to sharpen one’s technical skills, and more importantly, one’s soft skills.

The proposal focus on adding value to the already commendable curriculum of Sri Lanka Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management by a soft skill development program that would be parallel to the technical skill curriculum.

The objectives of the project are;

    • Enhancing the needed Soft Skills of Intermediate Level and Final Year Management Diploma students in order for them to be fully competent in today’s challenging hospitality industry.


    • Increasing the employability of students by developing industry needed competencies


    • Developing a pool of hospitality Leaders to take on the Sri Lankan Hospitality to the future and create a pool of brand ambassadors for SLITHM and CHSGA


    • Continuing on CHSGA’s commitment to uplift standards of SLITHM


  • Increasing the brand value of SLITHM and CHSGA to value co-creation

PROPEL by CHSGA will be conducted annually at the beginning of the Intermediate Level batch and will continue for a period of Nine months.

All students who qualify to the Intermediate Level and all Final Year students of the Three Year Management Diploma will be eligible for the Program.

The Program will be administrated by the CHSGA Executive Committee and a select panel of Senior Lecturers from SLITHM.

It is suggested that a predetermined percentage of final examination marks to be allocated for successful completion of PROPEL by CHSGA process.

The Program is planned to launch in early February 2017 and please stay tuned for more detail and progress.

The event is planned and administrated by the HR Development Committee of the CHSGA EXCO and ably assisted by the PR & Media Committee.